May 25, 2024

Banks Giving 20-Year Term Housing Loans

Banks that provide 20-year housing loans to customers who want to buy a house in 2019 will be able to own a house with the most affordable interest rates in 240 installments. With the application initiated by Emlak GYO, it is aimed for low-income citizens to own a house as if they were paying rent. Here are the banks that give 20-year housing loans and their interest rates..

As of 2019, Mortgage Loan terms have been increased to 240 months and 20 years. In this context, customers who want to buy a house, even if they pay a higher interest rate in the longer term, can no longer buy a house due to the fact that monthly installments are like paying rent, thanks to banks that provide 20-year housing loans .

List of Banks Giving 20-Year Term Housing Loans

As it is known, in 2016 and 2019, housing loans with a maximum maturity of 10 years and 120 months could be drawn. Housing loans, which rose to 1.30% in 2018, decreased to 0.90%, 0.80% at the beginning of 2019 with the intervention of the government. With the arrangement to be made now, our citizens will be able to withdraw a 20-year term housing loan . While it is emphasized that most of the banks are willing in this regard, there are still bank branches that offer home loans with a maturity of 15 years and 20 years.

With a campaign implemented by 3 associations in 2019, the terms of housing loans were increased to 20 years. These associations;

  • Housing Developers and Investors Association,
  • Emlak Konut REIT,
  • It is the Association of Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trust (GYODER).

With the campaign launched by these 3 associations, home loans with the longest 20-year maturity will be given to their customers as of 1 FEBRUARY 2019. The campaign has not started yet, but as it started on FEBRUARY 1, 2019, many customers have started preparing documents for application.

In the statement made by the associations, it was stated that there was no 20-year housing loan in our country before, and that negotiations between 3 associations and banks are still ongoing, and it was underlined that loan applications will be made to bank branches.

The interest rates of 20-year housing loans are planned to be between 0.75% and 0.85%. In this context, it will be ensured that customers who take out loans will not face the problem of re-financing in the future.


As a result of the agreement made with the banks, the terms of the project will be clarified and it is aimed that the low-income citizen will own a house as if they were paying rent . The situation is the same for our citizens at the middle income level, with a monthly maturity of 120 months, 4.100 TL per month. For an apartment that has been paid in installments, when a maturity of 20 years is made, the monthly payment decreases to 2,900 TL. This is 1,200 TL for the citizen every month. It makes you pay less money. The benefits of this application are as follows;

  • For the first time, low-interest and long-term loans of 240 months will be provided.
  • 0.75% – 0.85% interest will be charged for 20 years.
  • In the 120-month term, the interest rates will decrease to the range of 0.40% and 0.50%. (This situation creates the opportunity for restructuring for those who previously took housing loans at the level of 0.95%)


For our citizens who want to buy 1+1 or 2+1 flats sold between 70 thousand liras and 90 thousand liras, it will be easier to own a house as if paying rent in case of a 20-year maturity. Before the implementation came into effect, Garanti Bank was already able to make a maturity of 20 years with the Mortgage campaign for the Tenant.

Denizbank provides housing loans to its customers for a period of 240 months, even if the agreement has not entered into force. Of course, due to the long maturity, the interest rate is around 1.19%, and this interest rate can be recalculated as a result of face-to-face meeting with the bank.


90.000 TL. 70.000 TL from banks for a 1 + 1 or 2 + 1 house, which is priced. amount of housing loan (as it does not exceed the 80% limit) is possible. In this context, if our low-income citizen, who wants to buy a house, takes a housing loan with a term of 240 months from Denizbank, 884 TL per month is fixed. It will pay around approx. Considering that this payment is fixed for 20 years, it is evaluated that this amount, which seems high in the next few years, will not tire the payer. You can download the calculation table of this loan with a maturity of 240 months and examine the installments.

Şekerbank gives housing loans to citizens with a maturity of 30 years and 360 months. Home loans can be taken from Şekerbank branches with maturities of 15-20-25-30 years. Details can be found here.

Garanti Bank offers a mortgage loan with a term of 20 years to the tenant with the Mortgage campaign. Thanks to this loan, our citizens can become homeowners in the long term by paying in installments every month. As for the calculation and interest rates;

As seen in the table above, the bank applies a monthly interest rate of 1.14% with a maturity of 240 months. 350 TL for the allocation of the loan. costs are requested, you can review it here. According to this plan, your monthly payment is 854.24 TL. is happening.

Banks Giving 20-Year Term Housing Loans

As of now, the banks that provide housing loans with the lowest interest rate and the longest maturity (20 years) in our country are limited to these, and the terms are expected to be increased to 240 months by many private and public banks as of 01 FEBRUARY 2019, with the agreement mentioned above. Although it is said that this application will end in MARCH, it is thought that the bank branches, which will encounter intense interest from customers for 240 months of home loans, will continue the application for competition purposes. As, our advice to the citizens who will take a loan is,

  • Arranging the necessary documents to take a housing loan,
  • waiting for 01 FEBRUARY 2019,
  • It is for banks to do research on interest rates and the highest maturities.

You can be useful to those who want to take a home loan by sharing the bank that provides the most suitable interest rate among the banks that provide 20-year housing loans in the COMMENT section.

I wish your new home to give you health, happiness and goodness..

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