What should I pay attention to when buying a house with credit?

Many citizens who buy housing with loans are going through a serious decision-making process with the increases in real estate prices and the increase in interest rates. While a very difficult process is expected in the next 10 years, it is estimated that many citizens will suffer because of this, while the houses that were bought with bank loans until a short time ago, saying “it doesn’t matter, it will definitely be valuable after 10 years”.

While some experienced names are making statements in order to prevent the citizens who use the credit facilities of the banks with low interest opportunities from making mistakes in the new period, it is stated that the reason behind the statements by the companies that sell housing, “We offer the lowest prices of the last years”, is the seriously decreasing house sales in the last period. .

While the increase in housing prices and the appearance of a decrease expose the citizen to credit debts that he cannot afford for 10 or 20 years, home buyers need to be more careful and make better decisions for the future.

The House in Every Said Place Isn’t Valued, It Makes You Lose!

Based on the credit facilities of the banks and the statements of the citizens in the vicinity, you need to know that the house in every said place will not be valued. When buying a house in areas far from the center, paying attention to the fact that there is a metro around it, that it is easy to reach and that it is close to places in the city center such as markets and markets, is not a single factor for the value of your house in the future.

10 years later , the house you bought with a price of 150.000 TL today is 200.000 TL, it will not provide you any profit. On the contrary, since you will pay a loan of 50,000 TL, you will pay an average of 30,000 TL of loan interest, and the figure you can make a profit will be 20,000 TL out of 200,000 TL. With this figure, when you want to buy a house in the next 10 years , you will not be able to make a profit because the house prices will increase to between 350,000 TL and 450,000 TL on average.

Adjust the Loan Amount You Will Take Well!

Do not forget that if you take out a housing loan while taking a loan, there will be an annotation on your house and the house should be considered as belonging to the bank, not to you, until the loan debt is over. You cannot sell the house, transfer the house, and do not exchange houses or goods under any circumstances before your loan debt is paid off.