May 25, 2024

What percentage of the house is loaned?

What percentage of the house is loaned ? question EKK. clarified at the end of the meeting. After the Economy Coordination Board meeting, Mr. Binali Yıldım made statements that would make our people happy. He stated that they had taken decisions that were on the agenda of the country and would be of interest to the citizens, and that this would also be very beneficial for the Turkish economy. Housing loan, one of the most striking titles of the decisions taken, will make the faces of our citizens who want to become homeowners smile.

Eighty percent of the house will be given a housing loan

Our Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım said that one of the decisions taken at the Economic Coordination Board meeting, which he attended on September 21, 2018, had to do with housing loans. Seventy-five percent of the housing loans were covered by banks, while twenty-five percent were met by our citizens who wanted to own a house. He concluded his sentences by saying that the banks will give housing loans to eighty percent of the house  to our citizens who want to withdraw the housing loans, and our citizens who want to own a house will pay the twenty percent.

What are the features sought in a house to be given a housing loan?

After applying to the banks, an appraiser is sent for the house for which a housing loan will be given. The appraiser issues a report according to the use of the house, the number of rooms per square meter, and the age of the building. After determining that there is no mortgage, lien or annotation on the title deed of the house, which was questioned at the land registry offices, the bank is expected to approve. If there is a lien or mortgage on the house, the bank will not give a positive answer for this house. The bank takes the mortgage on the house while giving a loan for the house to be purchased. After all these are determined, the identity information of the person applying for the loan is verified. The track record is checked by the central bank. If it does not eat a red line, a credit usage permit is granted. The credit limit depends on the value of the house. The appraisal report is checked, and while eighty percent of the cost of the house is given a loan, you are asked to cover twenty percent of the cost of the house. After all the transactions are completed, the loan calculation is made, the interest rates of the total loan are calculated, the costs are added and the loan payment amount is determined. The method of payment varies according to what you want. The payment period is determined as a maximum of 10 years and monthly installments are calculated.

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