May 25, 2024

1. What is Shopping Credit?

Shopping loan is a kind of consumer loan service that Hepsiburada provides to its customers through its contracted banks. You can apply for a shopping loan at any time of the day without any time restrictions, and the result is immediately notified to the customer.

Applications for shopping loans are evaluated by the banks with which Hepsiburada has a contract. If the credit evaluation process is positive, the credit can be used immediately, up to the basket amount.

No insurance or allocation fee is charged for the shopping loan. Shopping loan installment payments can also be made through the branch, ATM or internet channels of the relevant bank.


The credit evaluation process is carried out by the bank preferred by the customer over the internet network. In other words, customers who apply for shopping loans do not need to go to bank branches. The credit evaluation process can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and is completed within minutes. Positive or negative results are immediately notified to the customer.

If the credit evaluation is positive, the customer can complete his shopping by using the shopping credit equal to the cart amount instantly.


2. How to Get Shopping Credit?

Hepsiburada customers who want to take advantage of shopping credits should choose the “shopping credit” option from their payment options. Then, the number of installments is determined by choosing one of the contracted banks. Thus, the credit evaluation process is started.

The shopping loan application and usage process works in steps as follows:

3. What are the Shopping Loan Installment Options?

Shopping loan repayments can be made in installments up to 60 months. In other words, by using shopping credits from Hepsiburada, it is possible to pay for shopping in installments with maturity options of up to 60 months.

However, due to legal restrictions, maturity options are narrowing for some products. The maturity period is limited to 12 months for computers and 6 months for tablets. In addition, 12 installments can be made for mobile phones of 3500 TL or less, while mobile phones with this amount and above can be paid in installments for a maximum of 6 months.

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