May 25, 2024

State support for housing loans to be taken for urban transformation projects in 2019, and the production rates of banks are different from each other. The right method should be chosen for housing loan calculation in urban transformation.


With the law numbered 6306 on the transformation of areas under the risk of disaster, it is called “Urban Transformation Loans” in the housing loans applied especially for the houses at risk.

Conditions Expected from the Person Who Will Use the Urban Transformation Loan

-Owning rights and property who want to rebuild their dwellings.

– Tenants or limited real rights holders living in risky buildings for at least 1 year.

– Owners whose residence has been determined as a risky building and who want to buy a different house can benefit from this loan.

Urban Transformation Loan Features

Within the scope of the said law, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization will provide production support to the beneficiaries who will use home loans for urban transformation. required

Areas that have the risk of causing loss of life and property due to the ground structure or the construction on it, which are determined by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization or the Administration by taking the opinion of AFAD and decided by the Council of Ministers upon the proposal of the Ministry, describe the risky structures.

The condition of benefiting from the aid and support specified in the law is the evacuation of the building determined as a risky building with a pact.

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