May 25, 2024

Why Can’t We Save Money?

The simplest answer to this is that your monthly expenses are more than your income or they are very close to your income. If you cannot increase your income in the short term, then you have to tidy up your expenses.

Here are some easy ways to save money :

Make sure to take note of your expenses: If you are not a very disciplined person, keeping a note of your expenses may be the first step to take. Even expenses that you see as very simple can be enough to upset your income-expense balance at the end of the month. The simplest benefit of doing this is that it will allow you to see that those small expenses are actually not small at all at the end of the month and year. The Expenseview site is a very useful site that will allow you to take note of your monthly expenses over the internet.


Cancel your unnecessary subscriptions: When we look at this topic from a very wide window, you can cancel all the subscriptions that are luxury according to your budget, such as the phones you rarely use, the subscriptions of the newspaper and magazine you do not read, the monthly parking subscription you have purchased for the parking lot that you do not constantly park. It is certainly possible to mention the use of alcohol and cigarettes for this title. Because every day, we spend money on these substances that are harmful to health.

Avoid shopping in installments with a credit card: If you do not have a good income or accumulated assets, avoid shopping in installments with a credit card. Because making installments with a credit card has the same meaning as putting a mortgage on a money you haven’t earned yet. Unless it’s very urgent and you don’t have enough money, don’t buy something that you can buy in installments.

Brace yourself: Don’t buy everything you see, that you really like. Knowing how to brake yourself is one of the most important factors among easy money saving methods.

Do not overdo it in your entertainment life: Very expensive entertainment does not honor you. It is one of the easy ways to save money by choosing small budget entertainments instead of very expensive entertainments.

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Use your imagination: Imagine the house or car you will buy with the money you save. Or imagine the savings you will make for a very nice holiday. Keep in mind that you can spend this money without fear, when appropriate, as you will make this savings by reducing your existing expenses.

Do not go shopping without a list: If you do not have the personality to shop with discipline, make a list of your essential needs before you go shopping. Do not go out of this list while shopping.

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Act according to your budget: Of course, everything new is beautiful and attractive. However, the goal here is to save easy money. In order to save money easily, you can choose second-hand devices that will not cause you problems.

Usage savings: Among the easy money saving methods, one of the important factors is usage savings. There are many examples given in this topic. However, if we give a few examples; Use energy-saving light bulbs for lighting, put a 1 liter plastic bottle in the water tank of the toilet, turn off the lights, even for 10 seconds, and unplug it when you are not watching TV.

Among the easy money saving methods , we have presented the most effective titles for you. However, if we try to present a complete list, the list will be quite long. In order to save money easily , it is extremely important that you strictly adhere to the above list.

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