May 25, 2024

Are there any banks that give vehicle loans for 10 years and above ? Buying a car, owning your own car has become a necessity rather than being a luxury in today’s conditions. Vehicles, which are a necessity for families with children and especially for those who have to commute from far places, are also in a pocket due to their prices. These vehicles, whose sales prices are quite high in our country due to various taxes , can mostly be owned by bank loans or the financial institutions of the galleries . Affordable interest and maturity options , thanks to vehicle loans that you can take out either through galleries or banks.You can own a car. However, since the prices of new model vehicles are quite high, older vehicles are preferred. Do banks give loans to old cars ? What are the banks that give vehicle loans for 10 years and above ? Let’s examine it together.

However, with some bank campaigns and financial companies established by car brands , it is also possible to take loans for old cars . It is possible to get a loan just above the legal limit or by making consumer loans available. As a matter of fact, if your credit rating and monthly income are suitable for you to take a consumer loan, you can buy a car of the brand, model and age you want by taking a consumer loan. So what are the banks that give vehicle loans for 10 years and over ?

Until What Age Is Vehicle Loan Given?

Banks generally offer loan opportunities for vehicles up to 5 years old . At the same time, it can make loan transactions up to 70% of the automobile insurance value . This situation is fulfilled by legal regulations. With the recent new regulations, it offers a loan opportunity of 70% of the vehicle’s insurance value up to 50 thousand Turkish Liras, and 50% for the portion of 50 thousand TL. In addition to these features, there are also banks that provide vehicle loans for vehicles up to 10 years old .

Banks Giving Vehicle Loans for 10 Years and Over

Many people who wanted to buy a car could only benefit from loan opportunities for vehicles up to 5 years old due to legal regulations . However , some banks have brought new regulations and increased this period up to 10 years . In this case, many people started to benefit from car loans from banks. Garanti Bank is one of these banks. Garanti Bank has announced that they give loans to vehicles up to 10 years old . Garanti Bank also offers affordable interest rates and maturity options of up to 48 months, allowing those who want to own a vehicle to take advantage of these opportunities.

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