May 25, 2024

The World Economic Forum has published the 2012-2013 Global Competitiveness study report. According to the results of the study announced by Tüsiad – Sabancı University Competitiveness Forum (REF) to the public in Turkey, Switzerland and Singapore kept their first and second places in competitiveness, respectively. Sweden finished fourth, losing third to Finland. The USA finished fifth, losing fifth to the Netherlands. Germany remained in sixth place, while England moved up from tenth to eighth, and Hong Kong from eleventh to ninth. Japan dropped from ninth to tenth.

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When we look at developing countries , we see that they continue to lag behind developed countries. Korea moved up 5 places to the 19th position, taking the first place in developing countries. Malaysia and Israel dropped 4 places to 25th and 26th positions in the overall rankings. China fell to the 29th place by 3 countries, while Chile fell to the 33rd place by 2 countries. Poland retained its 41st place.

By making the surprise of the year, Turkey moved forward from 16 countries to 43rd place from 59th place. In this way, we were ahead of Brazil (48), South Africa (52), Mexico (53), India (59) and Hungary (60), which were ahead of us last year.


When we look at the details of the global competition ranking, institutional structuring (2011:80 – 2012:64), health and primary education ((2011:75 – 2012:63), efficiency of commodity-goods markets (2011:47 – 2012:38), innovation (2011 :69 – 2012:55), the macroeconomic environment (2011:69 – 2012:55) and the development of financial markets (2011:55 – 2012:44) have brought Turkey to the top.

There is a strong relationship between the global competitiveness score of countries and their per capita income. We believe that the increase in Turkey’s global competitiveness score is not due to coincidental reasons, but the result of the conscious effort and work of the government and the economy management. Parallel to the increase in our competitive power, Turkey’s medium-term growth will be paved. 

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