May 25, 2024

Requirements for Housing Loan Application
The number of people applying for housing loans is increasing day by day. Of course there is a reason for this. The most important of these reasons is the difficulty of paying rent and the fact that owning a house is a guarantee for many people. With Garanti BBVA Mortgage’s ease of payment and its expertise in mortgages, it is no longer difficult to own a home.

Garanti BBVA Mortgage takes its place next to its customers with the privileges it offers about the ways you need to follow to buy a house using a housing loan and the details of completing the housing loan application process. When housing loan application is considered as a process, the first stop of the route to be followed is to find the most suitable bank for housing loan. In order to benefit from a bank that offers mortgage support, you must first make the right decision for you by focusing on certain items such as trust, creating a loan payment plan suitable for your budget and income, with some evaluations and comparisons. Garanti BBVA Mortgage proves its expertise in housing loans to its customers on several main topics. For your housing loan application request, get information with Garanti BBVA Mortgage, choose your loan, calculate it, then apply easily.

The application process, along with the necessary documents for the housing loan application, is reviewed by the bank from which the loan will be obtained. If your loan application is approved, the appraisal process is started by the bank and the value of your house is found and information about the maximum loan amount you can get is given. If you accept the loan offer offered by the bank after the appraisal process, other necessary documents must be signed. The most important point in this step is to choose the payment plans that are suitable for your income. Depending on your economic developments, Garanti BBVA offers periodically increasing, decreasing or remaining fixed installment payment plans. As the last step, you need to make an appointment with the land registry office of the house you are going to buy. The personnel to be assigned by the bank will meet with you at the title deed directorate at the appointment time and the sale will be completed.


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