May 25, 2024

Personal finance credit
From this page, you can compare all consumer loans offered by banks and see which bank has the most suitable interest rates. Moreover, you have the advantage of applying for consumer loans that you want to use through our site. Calculate according to the amount and maturity option you want, and instantly view the payment plan that best fits your budget.


Consumer Loan Rates

Consumer Loan interest rates are listed below. By clicking on the name of the loan for which you want to get more detailed information, you can access many information such as loan costs and application conditions. By clicking on the bank logos in the table, you can access the profile page of the relevant bank and see all the bank’s loans, credit cards, deposits and bank branch information.

A consumer loan is a consumer loan given for the expenditures of individuals for various reasons. The social and economic benefits of consumer loans are quite high. However, it has two main contributions. Consumer loans enable consumers to use their future income in advance. Secondly, the consumer loan contributes to the bargaining power of the buyer by purchasing with cash. For these reasons, consumer loans are the most widely used type of loan among personal loans.

The maturities of consumer loans vary depending on the nature of the goods or services to be obtained in return for the loan. In general, consumer loans extended by banks with a maturity of 36 months may vary according to the loan campaigns of the banks. On our site, you can see the maturity of all consumer loans offered by banks, whether individually or all together. The evaluation of the consumer loan application may differ according to the individuals. If you want to get detailed information about consumer loan application or to learn the necessary documents for consumer loan application, you can visit the information center.

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