May 25, 2024

My credit score is zero, what should I do?

Credit rating is one of the criteria that banks determine in order to allow customers to use credit and loan products. Regular or irregular loan repayments made by the person play an important role in determining the credit score of whether or not he has paid his credit card debts on time . If your credit score is not formed, your KKB score is zero. This means; is that you have not used a loan or any other bank product until now. Well, if you say your credit rating is zero, let’s examine together what you need to do.

A friend of mine who was unaware of his credit score was working in a job with a very good salary. He thought that it would be beneficial for him not to do any business with banks in case he could get a loan in the future. In fact, when viewed from a straight point of view; He has a regular income and no debt. But since he does not have the slightest contact with banks, banks cannot have an idea about his debt payment habits in this way.

My Credit Score Is Zero What Should I Do?
As a matter of fact, when he applied to banks to get a housing loan, he could not get a loan because his score was not formed. In every bank, this clearly does not result in the inability to get a loan, regular income and conversations with bank officials can help you remedy the situation. Or bank officials offer you a credit card with no limit in very large numbers. With this method, you can start using a credit card and pay your debts, and your credit score will be higher than 0. Thus, you become a customer who can take out loans for banks, and within a few months you will be able to use a loan with a suitable limit for you.

If you plan to take out a loan in the near future, get a credit card with a limit that you can easily pay from banks so that your credit rating is not zero. It is not so important from which bank the credit card is taken, but if you choose the bank from which you plan to take a loan, it will make it easier for you. If you make regular payments on the credit card and use less than half of the credit card’s limit, your credit score will be high. And it will be easier for you to get a loan.

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