May 25, 2024

Banks that give loans to medium-risk credit ratings are heavily preferred by people whose credit rating has dropped for some reason. If your credit rating is in the range of 700 – 1099 points, which is a medium risk level, did you know that you can easily take out a loan by choosing the banks we will give in our article? Now, different questions may come to your mind. If I was able to take out a loan with this credit rating, you may be saying why the banks refused. Although the first credit evaluation criterion of all banks is the credit rating, some banks make an evaluation by determining the interest rate in accordance with the credit rating . In other words, instead of preventing you from taking a loan because your credit rating is low, it increases the interest rate.

When this is the case, you can take out a loan with your medium risk credit rating. If you are someone who applies to banks, in the loan explanations, “The interest rate may change according to your credit rating.” The warning may have caught your attention. Now we will list the banks that people with low credit ratings can also take out loans. If you want , you  can also take a look at our other article called Credit to Those with Low Credit Ratings .


My Credit Rating is Medium Risk, Can I Take a Loan?

In order to get a loan from banks, you must first have a certain level of credit rating. While a low credit rating is considered sufficient by some banks, a high credit rating is demanded by some banks. However, some banks, on the other hand , offer consumer loans of around 40 thousand TL and housing loans of around 250 thousand TL in terms of loans to low and medium risk groups , especially through the special concessions they prefer in order to achieve their year-end targets .


Medium Risk Credit Rating Banks

According to the list we have updated in 2020, our citizens who have a score considered as medium risk; You can use loans more easily by choosing banks such as Alternatif Bank, Odeabank, Fibabanka, Anadolu Bank, Burgan Bank, Citi Bank, N Kolay Kredi, We have determined these banks as our focus and tried to compile the interest rates for you.

There are some information and documents requested by these banks during the loan application. If you think your credit rating is low, banks make the assessments accordingly. When applying for a loan, it is very important to have an income, have a regular monthly salary and be an insured employee.

Alternative Bank Loans for Those with Low Credit Ratings

Alternatif Bank is a bank that offers its customers a wide variety of loan options. This bank, which is frequently preferred by people with low credit ratings, provides loans with an interest rate of 1.89%. You can call customer service to apply for Anadolu Bank loan, which has loan options of at least 3 and maximum 60 months.

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