May 25, 2024

It is a known fact that, whether pre-approved or not, the factors that make up the credit rating of the individual, such as payment history, indebtedness rate and debt payment scheme, are always taken into account by banks in loan applications.

If you have a good payment history, have a low debt ratio, and make regular payments; It may be more effortless and more advantageous for you to apply for definitively approved loans.

How to get a definitively approved loan? What are the terms of the banks? Which are the banks that give a strictly approved loan? You can learn the answers to these questions from our article and make it easier for you to get a loan from any bank in order to guarantee your business in the decision-making process.


What is a Strictly Approved Loan, How to Get it?

A strictly approved loan is a consumer loan product offered by banks to their customers. This loan product does not make it necessary to apply to branches with documents full of files. It also eliminates long application review times.

Strictly approved loan applications are usually made through banks’ ATM, internet branch and SMS channels, and are often finalized in less than one business day. The loan amount approved according to the application status is also transferred directly to the customer’s current Turkish lira account. Thus, the credit amount transferred to the account becomes available quickly.


In terms of being an individual consumer loan, as per the legislation, the maximum loan amount that can be requested in definitively approved loan applications is limited to 75,000 TL. The maximum loan amount may vary within the framework of banks’ own internal policies. However, a fully approved loan can be given up to a maturity of 36 months and the repayment plan is limited to this period.


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