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In a traffic accident involving at least 1 motor vehicle, death, injury and a third party belonging to a car, home, land, such as the damage to the damage caused by the damage to the persons responsible in the traffic accident in the status of the compensation lawsuits filed due to traffic accident is named as compensation case. . The term compensation in traffic accidents is used to express both physical and assets damage.


The legal basis of compensation cases filed due to traffic accidents is that the traffic accident reveals an unfair verb responsibility. There are many different consequences such as the authority of the court, time -out and the amount of compensation of the court.


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What is the time -out time in the compensation case filed due to a traffic accident?
If compensation cases are filed due to traffic accidents, it is necessary to pay attention to when the time of filing a lawsuit starts and when it is finished. As of the day of traffic accidents, the statute of limitations will begin to operate. The statute of limitations varies according to certain factors. However, the period in favor of the plaintiff is accepted in the lawsuits filed.

Normally, Los angeles lawyer the statute of limitations in cases in traffi


c accidents is 2 years. If the accidents occurred on 01/01/2020, compensation cases may be filed until 01/01/2022. However, if the accident was determined on 05/05/2020, the date determined for the statute of limitations shall be 05/05/2022 if the accident took place on this date. Since this date is in favor of the plaintiff, preferences are in this direction.

Compensation cases filed for a traffic accident

Who can file a compensation case due to a traffic accident?


Compensation cases to be filed in traffic accidents can be filed by three different segments. If there are injuries in a traffic accident, the injured person may sue a lawsuit for non -pecuniary damages due to the loss of work due to the loss of work.

If the “serious physical injury” situation in the accidents occurred in the accidents, the relatives of the injured person get the right to file a lawsuit for non -pecuniary damages. In order to define the situation as severe physical injury, the injured person should have a limb loss or one should not continue their vital functions.

If traffic accidents have resulted in death, in this case, compensation cases can be opened by anyone who supports the deceased person. If the person is married and has a child, his wife and children can open the case. The mother and father of the single persons will also have the right to file compensation cases.

Who can be filed for compensation for a traffic accident?If compensation lawsuits will be filed due to traffic accidents, these cases can be filed against different persons. Everyone’s mind comes to the driver of the vehicle first. Although the driver of the vehicle is one of these people, there are different people.



Los Angeles Lawyer The first of the people who can be filed with the cases is of course the driver of the vehicle. In the negative situations that occur in accidents, the biggest responsible tool is the person who uses it. Since this person’s wrong behavior causes an accident, compensation cases will be opened to this person.

Traffic Lawyer Los Angeles If the driver of the vehicle and the owner of the vehicle are different, in this case, the owner of the vehicle can be filed for compensation. Vehicle owners are also responsible for the accident. The allocation of the vehicle to a different driver causes them to have a share in the accident.

Compensation cases can also be filed for the operator of the vehicle. If the vehicles are on a di


fferent person or company and are used to generate income, the operating of the vehicle will be filed. Since these people are responsible for all maintenance of the vehicle, they indirectly affect accidents.

Finally, insurance companies can be sued. Accident insurance for vehicles must take responsibility for accidents that result in death or injury. For this reason, compensation cases can be opened to insurance companies.

What are the rights of the patient who is the victim after aesthetic surgery?

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All of the activities carried out directly or indirectly by the persons who have the authority to perform the medical profession and who are defined as physicians are called medical intervention directly or indirectly. All procedures starting from the simplest diagnosis and treatment methods to the most severe surgical interventions are included in this definition.



The interventions made to eliminate the appearance disorders of people from birth or in the following period, or interventions for eliminating self -caused appearance disorders are called as surgical intervention for aesthetic purposes. Although there is no deformity, surgical interventions in the name of the person to look more beautiful are also examined in the aesthetic intervention category.

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What are the responsibilities of aesthetic surgeon?
Aesthetic surgeons have slightly wider responsibilities than other surgeons. Aesthetic surgeons always have to be more meticulous, careful and careful in their operations. The fact that aesthetic operations directly causes changes in the appearance of people causes the separation of other surgical interventions.



In addition to the medical aspect of the work, the surgeons perform operations by revealing their dexterity. It can be said that the surgeon creates a work with beauty and aesthetics -oriented operations.

Unfortunately, there is no special regulation on the responsibilities of physicians or aesthetic surgeons in our legal system. If a legal process begins after the behavior of physicians or aesthetic surgeons serving in any branch, the general provisions of the law of debts and efforts will be made to solve the lawsuits.

What are the rights of the patient who is victim after aesthetic surgery
What are the rights of the patient who is the victim after aesthetic surgery?

What are the rights of the patient after aesthetic operations?

Psychological disorders may occur in individuals after aesthetic operations are not concluded as expected. Patients do not feel well psychologically if a very bad appearance occurs or is not sufficiently sufficient as it is not desired. In this case, there will be the right to file a lawsuit for material and non -pecuniary damages.

According to the work contract, if the defendant doctors do not apply a treatment in the nature of treatment, the lawsuits filed are deemed insufficient in terms of execution. However, in the contract, no matter which way of using the work of physicians in the contract, it is necessary to do it without a shame or in other words. For this reason, the lawsuits filed will be accepted.

How do patients prove their grievances?
According to criminal law, people who are damaged by crime are defined as victims. Unfortunately, medical interventions can cause people to be injured, lose their organs, and even lose their lives in some cases. Since such cases are involved, patients can easily prove the situation with a technical report.

Different los angeles lawyer divorce methods should be used for proof in aesthetic operations. Patients can apply with photographs, payment documents to the physician or documents indicating that they cannot continue their work due to aesthetic operation. All of these will be in the status of evidence and can be used for proof of victimization. If the aesthetic interventions cause different negativities other than the appearance, they will also need to be proved.

What cases can patients who are victims filed as a result of aesthetic surgeries?
Cases of material and non -pecuniary damages in cases that result in death.
Temporary or permanent physical damage cases of material and non -pecuniary damages.
Cases of material and non -pecuniary damages for the damages suffered by misdiagnosis and treatment.
Compensation case due to unnecessary treatment and surgery.
Compensation case due to the failure to fulfill the obligation to inform the patient and to lighting, to start surgery without the approval of the patient and their relatives.
The case of compensation due to contradiction to the obligation to keep secrets.
In cases where emergency interventions are needed, financial and non -pecuniary damages cases due to the injury or death of the patient by not performing the task of the physician well.
Funding of financial and non -pecuniary damages for hospital management regarding the absence of necessary interventions to patients in need of first aid and the rejection of the severe patient.
Compensation cases regarding the excessive fee from patients by revealing unnecessary treatment costs.


What is a divorce lawyer?
The divorce lawyer, divorce, alimony, custody, goods sharing and so on. It is the name given to lawyers who have entered the lawsuits such as. For divorce lawyers, the expression of a family lawyer is also used. The titles opened on the internet under the name of “divorce lawyer iyor are unrealistic. In the legislation, a branch of lawyer called divorce lawyer was not defined. It is also legal that lawyers who have been involved in divorce cases introduce themselves as a divorce lawyer. However, it is seen that lawyers who have been divorced among the public are sometimes called divorce lawyers. We will use the concept of divorce lawyer to be more understandable in our article.

The divorce case process is a challenging and weary process for married couples. Receiving professional legal aid in the divorce process makes it easier to overcome this challenging process. Essentially, there is no separate professional expertise under the name of divorce lawyer in the Turkish legislation. Among the people, we will prefer to use this concept, as the plaintiff or defendant’s deputies who follow the divorce cases in the Family Court are called divorce lawyers.

Each case has a very important preparation process. The incidents of the divorce people should be heard by the lawyer like an observer. The lawyer prepares the case by selecting the facts that will cause divorce from the events he listens to. Because, according to our legal system, every divorce must be a reason for. Every divorce case opened for no reason is rejected.

How does the divorce lawyer prepare the case?
The divorce lawyer investigates whether there is sufficient reason to file a divorce case by evaluating the facts and whether the following reasons for divorce were realized from the events told to him:

Deception (Civil Code Art.161),

Whether one of the spouses meant to the life of the other, whether or not they are ill -treatment or degrading behavior (M.K. Art.162),

Whether one of the spouses committed a humiliating crime (M.K. Art.163),

Whether one of the spouses lived without dignity (M.K. Art.163),

Whether one of the spouses unjustly abandoned the common housing (M.K. Art.164),

Whether one of the spouses is mentally ill (M.K. Art.165),

Whether the marriage union is shaken from the foundation to an irreversible basis for one of the parties (M.K. Art.166)

It is very important to determine the cause of divorce correctly. Because the judge will examine the case according to the plaintiff’s divorce. Therefore, the preparation process of the case must be carried out with the divorce lawyer.

Can the divorce lawyer apply for mediation?
The divorce lawyer may also make efforts to solve the dispute regarding family law and sharing of goods. It can bring the parties together without filing or opening a lawsuit, communicating between the parties of the dispute and allowing the compromise to be achieved. However, these initiatives of divorce lawyers cannot be accepted as “mediation olan, a technical private law practice. Mediators are people registered in the mediation list and are not a party to the dispute. Divorce lawyers are obliged to protect the rights of the party they represent.

The sharing of goods in divorce is the most important legal dispute seen after the divorce case or after the finalization of the divorce case. For disputes arising from the sharing of goods, the mediator may be consulted to terminate the dispute before or after the lawsuit is opened. The parties may apply to the mediator via divorce lawyers and request sharing of goods to be negotiated and made by agreement.

The divorce case cannot be concluded through the mediation institution, whether contracted or contentious. Alimony, which is the annex of the divorce case, financial and non -pecuniary damages in divorce and custody of children cannot be resolved through mediation.

How to open a divorce case?
After the reasons for divorce have been identified, the petition should be prepared accordingly. In particular, since the parties may have demands other than divorce from each other, all these requests should be clarified in a detailed interview with the client. The requests should be clarified by asking the following questions to the person who wants to open a divorce case:

Does the client request a right to custody on the child?

Is there a demand for alimony?

Is there a request for sharing goods according to the new Civil Code?

Is there any request for material and non -pecuniary damage?

After listening to los angeles lawyer the client after the reasons and requests of the divorce are determined, the legal basis of the case is determined and the petition is written. The divorce lawyer starts to prepare the case file after seeing that the petition is convenient to obtain the requested result. A case file must include a sufficient number of petitions and evidence that strengthens the claims. Evidence is a written evidence and los angeles lawyer