May 25, 2024

Loan Amount Planned to Pay

The loan amount planned to be paid to the relatives of martyrs is determined by the State Institute of Statistics. The loan amount has been determined as 102 million TL for 2019.

20 Thousand People Will Benefit From Interest-Free Housing Loans

The after payment of the housing loan will be 1/4 of the salary given to the relatives of martyrs and the maturity period of the loan will be flexible. No production process will be applied for the loan. Thousands of people are expected to benefit from this right.

The home loan calculation for the families of the martyrs will be determined by taking into account the installment rate made in the civil servant salaries. This loan has no maturity number. The relatives of the martyrs are entitled until the debt is fully discharged. In addition, the relatives of the martyrs will have the right to choose a house from the region and size they want.

Public Job Opportunity for Martyrs’ Relatives

In addition, one of the relatives of martyrs who benefited from compensation and interest-free home loans will be employed in the public sector. Necessary regulations regarding this issue are continuing.

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