May 25, 2024

I’m Unemployed How Can I Get a Loan?

Housewives, on the other hand, can get consumer loans from banks by showing their spouse’s salary as a guarantor. Students, on the other hand, can easily get consumer loans by mortgaging their parents’ salaries or immovable properties such as cars and houses, if any. In addition, just like working people, non-working people need high credit scores in order to get loans. If you meet all these conditions, it will be very easy for banks to give you loans.

If you do not meet these conditions, if you are unemployed or working freelance, if you do not have a rental income that you can provide as collateral, or a house or car that you can mortgage, it will be a little difficult to get a personal loan. If you have a very urgent need, you can apply for a loan by going to the branches of small banks that need customers instead of large banks; However, if you do not have a documentable income, we recommend that you make your loan applications not on the internet or via SMS, but by contacting the bank employees in person at the branch. Thus, you will increase the probability of getting a loan in your name. As a Hyperactive Credit consultancy firm, we help our citizens of all budgets and incomes with loans.

With a single application, we calculate for you and let you know how much and at what rate you can get a loan from which bank.

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