May 25, 2024

I Want To Buy A Car With Credit!..

In this article we prepared for those who say they want to buy a car with a loan, we explained everything you need to know about vehicle loans. Vehicle loan is the general name of the loans given to you by banks to buy a car or renew your existing car. In this type of loan, known as car loan or vehicle loan, you can only buy a vehicle with the loan you have taken. The bank will put a mortgage on the vehicles you will buy new or second-hand. Another way to get a vehicle loan is for automobile companies to use their own loans. For example, when you go to a Fiat dealership, you can take out your vehicle loan without ever leaving the dealership and take your vehicle and go. Moreover, Fiat currently applies 0% interest for 20 months.

I Want To Buy A Car With Credit

All you have to do to get a car loan is to go to the bank branch with your identity card. Some banks also receive vehicle loan applications via SMS or phone. However, the applications received through these means are in the nature of preliminary acceptance, and the final result still ends at the branch. In addition to your identity card, an income certificate is also required. It is a good idea to call the bank branch where you will take the loan for the exact documents.

The type of vehicle is not important when purchasing a vehicle with a vehicle loan. In addition, with this credit, 0 km or second hand vehicles can also be purchased without limitation. However, the loan terms for these two loans may vary.

  • Original and photocopy of identity card or driver’s license
  • License copy
  • financial income certificate
  • Certificate of residence
  • Notary sales contract
  • Document proving that there is no encumbrance on the vehicle

In the purchase of a zero km vehicle with credit, the purchased vehicle is pledged. This pledge is a collateral for the bank. No guarantor is sought by the bank for the loan in the purchase of a brand new vehicle.

In the purchase of a second hand vehicle with credit, the vehicle is not pledged. But for collateral, the bank requests the person to show a guarantor. In addition, banks have determined an age range for the purchase of second-hand vehicles. It is not possible to purchase vehicles older than this age range.

In accordance with the laws, unfortunately, the vehicle loan does not cover the entire invoice price of the vehicle to be purchased. While the maximum credit that can be given for vehicles with an invoice value of less than TL 50,000 is 70%; For vehicles with an invoice value of 50,000 TL or more, a vehicle loan can be given up to 70% for the portion of 50,000 TL and 50% for the portion over 50,000 TL. Users have to pay the rest in advance. People who are unable or unwilling to pay this fee can use consumer loans.

I Want To Buy A Car With Credit

In the use of a vehicle loan, the bank requests collateral from the loan user in order to be able to pay the loan. While this guarantee is a vehicle loan and a guarantor for second-hand vehicles, it is a pledge for 0 km vehicles. The vehicle purchased by the person who wants to buy a 0 km vehicle with a vehicle loan is pledged by the bank. This means that the vehicle owner cannot sell the vehicle due to the pledge during the payment period of the loan.

The person whose vehicle loan payment has expired should first check when the pledge was made in order to remove the pledge on the vehicle he owns. In pledge transactions made before January 2011, the person must first go to the notary led by the bank and receive a pledge removal letter in order to lift the pledge. Afterwards, you should go to the Traffic Registry Directorate with this letter. In this institution, the pledge on the license is removed. This process is not valid for pledge transactions implemented after January 2011 with the enacted law. Pledge removal can only be handled from the bank.

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