May 25, 2024

I can’t get a loan and I need a loan urgentlyPeople who say this is usually one of the questions asked by people with low credit scores and whose records have been damaged for any reason. This is exactly why they can’t take out loans, so they can go for a loan through different institutions. But there are many points to be noted here. A bank may have given a negative response to your loan application because of your low credit rating. In this case, you need to analyze your credit score first. In fact, even if you have an average credit score, your loan may be rejected because each bank’s credit evaluation process is different. So we can say that there is still luck, we can say that you can take out a loan if you try different banks. With this article, we give you some tactics and give credit to those with a low credit rating.We will provide information about the banks that issue.

If you cannot get a loan from other banks for the same reason, it can definitely be said that there is a problem with your credit rating. The shortest way to find out is through inquiries. By using Findeks, you can analyze your credit score, and at the same time, you can get tactics to increase your credit rating quickly by getting support from paid consultants. Some of the reasons for refusal of the loan are as follows;

  • having a low credit score,
  • Non-payment of loan debts
  • Non-payment of card debts,
  • Irregularity in payment habits,
  • Late payments.

I Can’t Take Credit, I Need Money Urgently!

Loan applications made to banks are approved according to the credit ratings of the individuals. If the applicant has a very low credit rating or is a person for whom legal proceedings have been initiated due to his debts to banks, banks will reject the loan application. For this reason , a person who says he needs money urgently should learn his credit rating without applying for a loan, and apply according to his credit score.

In addition, when applying for a loan, the person’s ability to pay should be taken into account. For example, if a minimum wage worker applies for a loan of 50,000 TL, the bank considers that the person cannot pay this debt and rejects the application.

I Need an Urgent Loan, Where Can I Get a Loan?



Even if your loan need is urgent, the first institutions we will direct you to will be banks. Because banks are the only legal institutions that offer the most reliable loan options. You can make some inferences based on the information we mentioned above.

E.g; If a minimum wage employee or a low-income bank customer applies for a loan that is well above his monthly payment capacity, the loan is automatically rejected by the system before it is transmitted to the headquarters. The monthly income balance is extremely important in loan applications.

At the same time, credit and credit card debts that you continue to pay, limit and debt index are among the biggest criteria in loan applications. In other words, you should know that during the loan application, only the credit rating is not checked.


I Need Cash Urgently, What Should I Do?

If you are a person who regularly pays your debts to banks and your credit rating is high, you can apply for a loan using the facilities offered by banks for loan applications. People who say they need money very urgently can apply for a loan from branches, ATMs, internet and mobile banking applications, even via SMS. 

The person who wants to apply for a loan for internet and mobile banking must first log in to the digital channels of the bank with which he has an account, then enter the desired amount from the “Loans” option and apply. The loan amount that can be given to people with high credit scores is quite high.

To apply for a loan via SMS, you can go to the website of the bank you want to apply for and get detailed information. You can also use the loan application options available on the banks’ websites.

I Can’t Take Credits From Banks, What Should I Do?

Have you tried all the methods given above, but no results? Then some non-illegal methods can also help you. If the amount you need coincides with a low amount of need, you can meet your instant cash needs with some methods, and if you say you need urgent money , you can meet it.

If you are looking for loan or cash financing;

  • factoring companies,
  • Borrowers who give money with promissory notes,
  • Shopping with stock.

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