May 25, 2024

Almost everyone around me wants to save money. Sometimes, when we talk about this subject during our conversations, very different and good ideas for saving come from everyone. Eyes twinkling at the thought of starting to save money, sitting up straight, and with a pleasant smile on the face, the topic is closed until the next conversation.


No one can force anyone to save by holding some of their money. You have to want to start saving. I look at my friends around me and I can see that each of them is willing. Well, why doesn’t it happen, why can’t we start saving or not be able to continue when it is started?

I asked myself all these questions…

I learned saving when I was young. I always saved some of my pocket money directly. I think I have acquired the habit of saving and saving thanks to my family. Because when I was saving my pocket money, I always got encouragement from them. If I had been able to save a few hundred liras, my father would have put a few hundred more on it. At that time, my wishes were different, you guessed it, a little expensive things that every child would want to have. Seeing that I can realize these wishes by saving, I think, helped me to gain a habit.

I somehow got into the habit of saving money. I can’t imagine a world where I can’t save. But how does the habit I have acquired make me think, how do I need to think in order to save:


Remember why saving is important to you

I have my own reasons for saving. Since these reasons are always on my mind, I am quite far from the possibility of not being able to save. I know I need savings to secure my present and tomorrow, buy a new house in the future, and maybe even start a business.


Everyone who wants to save has their own reasons. I’m sure you have good reasons too. Remember these, always remember. When you’re shopping, about to go into debt, about to go on a luxury vacation, just think about your reasons before you pay.

Be aware of your responsibilities

I have been managing my own money for a long time, and I am aware that I have great responsibilities in this regard. Because I am aware that starting to save and ensuring the continuation of the savings is a responsibility. Making a budget plan , making shopping lists before going shopping, making discoveries and notes that will help me save are among my small but effective responsibilities.

Think more simply. You are entirely responsible for your money. Today, you can choose to drink coffee for 10 liras, or you can choose to receive funds with the same amount. You are the boss of your money. Money can never manage itself  . It’s up to you to manage it. The money is your responsibility. For this reason, you need to be aware of your responsibilities towards your money. Keeping in mind your reasons for saving will also help you remember your responsibilities.

Set goals big or small

If you’re long-term or impatient, try setting short-term goals. For example, try allocating some of your income directly to savings each month. Do this for 6 months or 12 and don’t touch your bank account until you reach your goal. After you start saving regularly, the amount in your bank account will increase as the months go by, which will encourage you to continue on your way.

Simply set a 6-month goal. Save regularly for 6 months. If you find it difficult to achieve this goal, you may think that you are paying a debt to your savings account. Suppose you pay a few hundred dollars more per month for your credit card. The good thing is, while you will not be able to get back the money you paid on your credit card debt, you will be able to get back the money you paid into your savings account.

If you don’t know after reaching the savings target you set, start getting to know the investment tools. Evaluate your savings with long-term or short-term investments , preferably without risk at the beginning , and see how your money works because your money will make you money, as you continue to save, you will witness that you can earn more and more money.

I realized that I only think about these things in order to save money and ensure the continuation of the savings. I think it definitely works. Every thought I wrote above has good consequences. Besides, what’s wrong with saving anyway? Give yourself another chance to start over and continue this time without stopping.

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