May 25, 2024

How to Get a No Down Payment Home Loan? What are the Terms?
A home loan does not cover the entire value of the home. For this reason, home buyers must have some down payment. There are also expenses such as title deed fees during the deed transactions. You can follow the methods below to cover such expenses.

Using consumer loan for down payment
Using a loan with a mortgage
Researching down payment campaigns of projects
If you are going to use a consumer loan to complete the down payment part after using a home loan, it will be sufficient to discuss this with the bank from which you will take the housing loan. The person must own real estate in order to show a mortgage and use a loan. The bank mortgages the property and gives you the loan amount you have requested so that the necessary money is obtained from the bank to be repaid in installments.

Especially in mass housing projects, down payment campaigns are organized from time to time. By following these campaigns, you can make an agreement with the project owner about the down payment part.

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