Findeks credit rating is used to estimate debt repayment possibilities in the next 12 months by looking at people’s debt payment habits. This note is extremely important especially for commercial enterprises. Any activity that will lower your credit rating will make it difficult for you to get a loan from banks in the future.

Findeks credit rating , in its simplest definition, is a concept that expresses your credit history. While determining this grade, the loans used in the past, credit card payments and invoice debts are taken into account. It can be defined as a note that reveals the payment status of your debts in the future 12-month period, taking into account the numerical values ​​arising from the debts you have received in the past time periods.

What is Findeks Credit Rating?

Nowadays, getting loans from banks is not as easy as it seems. Your financial history is of great importance for both using a loan and getting a credit card. Your credit score is one of the most important numerical data that reveals your history.

The note in which each bank loan used in the past, credit cards and overdraft account debts is calculated is called the Findeks credit score .

Credit score is important in many different areas. This note is of great importance not only when using a loan from the bank, but also during car and house rental transactions. Your credit score must be high when buying white goods and phones or taking on any debt.

This score is a score for people with credit card usage or credit history. At the same time, being a guarantor for someone has an impact on your Findeks credit rating. This note has varying numbers. There is a scoring system between 1 and 1900, and every time the score goes up, your credit score will increase too. The most risky groups are those with the lowest scores. Those with high scores are those who give priority to credit and credit card usage and give confidence.

How is Findeks Credit Rating Calculated?

Findeks credit rating is a system with a certain score range. Those with a score of 1 constitute the highest risk, while those with a score of 1900 are the lowest risk groups. Credit Registration Bureau is responsible for the calculation of this score. The following components are taken into consideration when calculating the Findeks credit rating:

  • 45% credit product payment habit
  • 32% current account and debt status
  • 18% loan usage density
  • 5% new credit product launches

These components are brought together and examined by the Credit Registration Bureau and necessary evaluations are made. The values ​​of the components determined in determining the credit rating may vary periodically In addition, risk groups are also calculated according to their scores. Groups between 0 and 699 points are considered as the most risky group. The group between 700 and 1099 is the medium risk group. The group between 1100 and 1499 is considered as low risk group, while the group between 1500 and 1699 is considered as good. The group rated as very good is those with scores between 1700 and 1900.

Why is Findeks Credit Rating Important?

Findeks credit rating is important information in many respects. Today, financial institutions make evaluations by looking at the Findeks credit rating of people who want to use credit. The loyalty of consumers in paying their debts is measured with this score. Before applying for a credit card or loan, you must have learned this grade in advance. Knowing your point value will at least help you know whether you will receive approval or rejection from your loan application. Because applying for a loan and getting rejected is one of the factors that affect the Findeks credit rating.

This note is not limited to just a loan application. At the same time, your credit rating is also taken into account when buying and selling a credit card in your own sector while renting a car. Findeks credit rating, which has an important function in many areas, seriously affects all financial services you will receive.

Knowing your credit score benefits you in many ways. For example, if there is anything wrong with your credit rating, it allows you to detect them and act accordingly. It also provides detailed information about your financial history. At the same time, it provides you with preliminary information about your monthly payment budget and your loan needs that may occur in the future.

There are many reasons to learn the Findeks credit rating. To learn this grade, you can learn your grade by signing up on the Findeks website. It is possible to learn the credit score by paying a small fee to the Findeks site, which is affiliated with the Credit Registration Bureau. However, it is necessary to register to the system first.

How to Learn Findeks Credit Rating?

You can reach Findeks via mobile or internet branch. Entering the sharing settings section, the TR identity number or corporate tax identification number of the persons to whom the report is to be sent must be entered. After the approval is received, the information of the people whose credit score will be learned over Findeks, and sending an SMS, a permission for credit rating sharing is obtained.