May 25, 2024

Housing Loan Advantages
It is time to evaluate the advantages of housing loans with the personalized loan options offered by Garanti BBVA Mortgage, especially for those who have difficulty paying rent!

Housing loan, as the name suggests, is the financing of the house you want to be owned by banks by securing it.

Talking about the advantages of housing loan will be possible by knowing the differences between paying a housing loan and living on rent. While the mortgage is under the control of the bank, the law and the law, the rent also plays an important role at the initiative of the landlord. At this point, especially the housing rents, which come back as an increase from month to month or every year, force people’s budgets.

There may be reservations about buying a house using a loan. However, if you have a regular income, there is no obstacle in front of you to take advantage of the mortgage loan benefits. In addition, although it varies from bank to bank, paying your loans in long terms can relax your budget. The most important advantage of the housing loan is that the loans are diversified according to the wishes of the customer, depending on the bank taken. In this case, you can leave the burden of rent behind with the flexible payment plans chosen by the person. With many different housing loan products such as fixed payments, increasing or decreasing payments, you basically determine your loan amount yourself.

It is difficult to expect a house you are renting to be a security for you. The physical structure of the building, its surroundings or the decision of the landlord can lead you to negative consequences at any time. But at the point where you will buy your own house with a housing loan, you can have the house that appeals to you the most by making all the decisions yourself. In addition, the remaining amount after the down payment, with the payment plans that the person can choose, offers the opportunity to pay like paying rent.

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