May 25, 2024

Real Estate Price Index Affects Preferences
‘How much did house prices increase in which region, what is the state of the housing market?’ The question remains on the agenda all the time.. Real estate price indexes and monthly reports also try to find answers to these questions from investors..

Creating indices on the real estate market with various statistical methods and analyzing the change in economic data can be a guide for investors who will buy a house.

Useful information about the real estate price index can be obtained from the Housing Price Index Reports of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. With monthly reports; Investors and those who want to own a house direct their preferences according to the results of the said reports. In addition, price changes in the housing market, index calculations covering the whole country, and price increases and decreases can be followed through reports.

E.g; The information obtained that the New Home Price Index, calculated by analyzing the valuation reports of the sold houses throughout Turkey, increased by 1.68 percent in February compared to the previous month and was realized at the level of 196.51 reveals the course of the market. Reports prepared by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey; As a result of comparisons made with respect to the previous month or year, it directly affects the decisions to be made in this direction.

There are many studies on the real estate market. However, among these studies, REIDIN Housing Price Indices stand out especially with their reports on housing projects. According to the housing price index results prepared in cooperation with REIDIN-GYODER, the Istanbul market gains priority.

People who buy and want to buy houses from branded projects want to closely follow the situation in the market. The most important motivation for this is to make a safe and correct choice and to confirm it.

The biggest benefit of the housing price index is that it reveals the increases and decreases in the market in the most objective way. This ensures that the investment is made more accurately and that the market is followed closely.

It also enables those who want to buy a house with a loan to follow the price indices of the real estates closely and make a long-term planning based on the more accurate market.

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