May 25, 2024

Home Loan Guide
The housing loan guide is a guiding guide for individuals who want to own a house.


With the housing loan guide we have prepared for people who are tired of paying rent, who want to own a house or who aim to invest, all details from housing loan terms of use to 2018 loan interest rates play an important role in the loan purchase process. For this reason, it would be right to benefit from a housing loan guide that will guide you before, during and after the loan application. The guide we have prepared answers the question of how many days the mortgage loan process takes, with a three-stage process. These stages can be listed as pre-approval, appraisal process and finally the loan approval process.

What Should Be Considered Before Getting a Housing Loan?

After having detailed information about the mortgage interest and the payment plans of the banks, it is very easy to get your dream home with the payment plan created in accordance with the person’s budget.

The loan buying process, which many people start by taking a wrong step, “Should I choose the house I will buy first? Or should I take out a loan?” It starts with the question. At this point, you should find the house you will buy before applying for a housing loan. When determining this house, you need to consider the loan down payment rate, loan amount and your monthly income. Some pre-approval requirements are sought by banks for individuals who want to take loans to buy a house. One of these requirements is to bring proof of income, identity document and the title deed of the house to be purchased for the loan application. After these stages, the answer to the question of how many days will be the housing loan approval will vary according to the bank, but it can be expected to be clarified in two or three days at the most. The purpose of the pre-approval process is to make the preliminary decision based on the information declared by the customer who will request a loan. After the pre-approval, the appraisal process starts. The housing appraisal expert appointed by the banks makes the valuation of the real estate. The loss adjuster appointed by the banks will contact you and the appointment date will be determined. On this date, the necessary value determinations are made for the real estate subject to the loan and an appraisal report is delivered to the relevant bank within an average of 2 working days.

At the last stage, the process of legally approving the loan comes into play as a result of the report and pre-approval requirements of the bank. If the loan is approved, first the contract, then the deed and mortgage transactions begin. For title deed transactions, the real estate owner must apply to the title deed offices. After the title deed fees are paid, the sale is completed.

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