May 25, 2024



The methods that people who want to own a house apply for housing loans are the search for a housing loan without a down payment and the research of home loan down payment rates. Because for many people, paying home loan down payment rates is not easy financially. However, the point that many people misunderstand and need to know in the search for a down payment mortgage is that banks that give loans to the entire value of the house are looking for a prerequisite for this application. This condition; is the giving of a mortgage in addition to the real estate to be purchased for the real estate that is a second residence belonging to the customer. For people who fall outside of this condition, the entire appraisal fee of the house is not covered as a loan.

People who are curious about home loan down payment rates often ask, “What percentage of the value of the house can be used as a housing loan?” The question has received a new answer since September 2016. One of the biggest reservations about getting a housing loan, home loan down payment rates were requested at a rate of 25 percent of the value of the house. After determining the appraisal value of the housing loan, according to the statement made by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency in September 2016, the demanded housing loan was calculated as 80 percent, while the home loan down payment rate was determined as 20 percent. In summary, the down payment amount, which was previously determined as 25 percent, is currently applied at the rate of 20 percent. E.g; People who request a housing loan for a house of 200 thousand lira will make a payment of 40 thousand lira according to the current home loan down payment rates. Before the change, the down payment for the same loan was 50 thousand liras.

“How much housing loan can I get according to my income?” For such questions, it may be necessary to create a payment plan that is suitable for the budget and income. At this point, flexible payment plans suitable for your income will make your job easier. After a detailed research, you will not have to worry about home loan down payment rates, which are a question mark for many people. Especially for people with savings, after the home loan down payment rate is given, the loan debt is paid in a fixed amount determined monthly with the logic of rent payment.

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