May 25, 2024

How to Get a Second Credit? | Getting a Second Loan from the Bank

In this article, we will address the general answers to questions such as how to get a second loan, can a person who has taken a loan get a loan again, can a person using a housing loan take a loan, how can a person using a stone loan get a second loan. People who use housing loans or vehicle loans should apply for a second loan to the bank in case they want to use a loan again. So, can I use a housing loan or a consumer loan, how can I get a second loan?

How to Get a Second Credit?

The criterion that banks take into account in the loan application processes is not the number of loans that the person has used before, but whether the salary average and credit rating levels are sufficient. In other words, the person who uses a housing loan has the right to use a consumer loan if his salary is sufficient.

There is no difference in the procedure for withdrawing the second loan. Just before filling out the loan application form, a loan calculation based on salary is required. In this way, you can determine the loan amount that you can get approval in advance and fill out a loan application form for which you will receive final loan approval. In general, banks approve loan applications of their customers not exceeding half of their salary total.

For example, a person with a monthly documentable income of 2 thousand lira can use a credit limit with a maximum monthly payment of up to a thousand lira. If the monthly mortgage loan installments of this person are 750 TL, the same person can only get loan approval if he/she applies for a loan with a maximum monthly payment of 250 TL. Otherwise, a credit refusal decision will be faced, which will create a negative record for the credit record, making it even more difficult to get approval in the next loan application.

As it is known, people who use housing loans are required to pay a certain amount of down payment. People who do not have enough cash accumulation generally find this problem in using consumer loans. However, it is not legally allowed to cover this amount with consumer loans. However, it is possible to use this loan by leaving a few days in between. In other words, the person can use a consumer loan first and apply for a housing loan after a few days.

As we answered above, how much credit you can use and how many times you can use credit is determined by your monthly income.

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