May 25, 2024

Credit Opportunity from the Post Office to Housewives

Although PTT used to come to mind only when sending money, it is now an institution that makes many transactions and has entered the banking sector. The PTT bank, which is administered by the state, continues to provide loans in accordance with the living standards of housewives. If you don’t want to take out a loan from banks and you are in a different search, you can choose PTT Bank and use low-interest loans. So, how to apply for a loan to PTT housewives , what are the conditions?

PTT Bank carries out loan disbursement transactions through Aktifbank with which it has made an agreement. Aktifbank is a digital banking system that also serves under the name of N Kolay Loan. In this way, you can easily use credit. Special loan conditions for PTT Bank housewives are as follows;

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can apply for a loan without a guarantor, unconditionally or unconditionally.
  • The interest rate was determined as 2.29%. It can vary depending on your credit rating.
  • There is a loan allocation fee. 5 out of 1000 of the credit.
  • Loan applications up to 30,000 TL can be made.
  • Minimum 18, maximum 80 year olds can apply for the loan.

Loan Application for PTT Bank Housewives

If you want to take a loan from PTT Bank, you can first choose the bank that will be the intermediary to use the loan. There are 4 banks that PTT Bank works with. These are DenizBank, Burganbank, ING Bank and Aktifbank. By choosing one of these banks, you can apply one-on-one by going to the relevant bank or PTT Bank branches. The application requirements are as above and there is no document request.

The fact that no documents or guarantors are required in these loans makes it more preferable for housewives. It is sufficient to have your ID with you when applying for a loan. At the same time, the evaluation of the applied loans is made in a short time, and you can reach the result without leaving the branch immediately.

PTT Loan Application Conditions for Housewives

  • In loan applications, the person who will apply should apply with a one-to-one identity card. Applications are also accepted with a driver’s license with a Turkish Identity Number.
  • Which intermediary bank you prefer, the application form of the relevant bank should be filled and signed. (Partnered banks are listed above.)
  • During the loan application, the deductions and expenses made from the loan are not related to the PTT Bank, and the refund applications related to these deductions must be made to the banks.
  • Customers who want to cancel the loan after the loan application should not apply to the PTT Bank, but to the relevant banks to which they have applied.

To get information about PTT Bank special loans for housewives, to apply and to learn all the other details, you can review the loan pages on the official website of PTT Bank.

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