May 25, 2024

Are you wondering which bank is giving credit to the share title deed ? In this article, we will provide detailed information about the banks from which you can take a loan for your shared title deeds. People who want to buy a house and own a house quickly, generally apply for bank loans and use their preferences in this direction. It would be correct to say that these methods are more preferred since people who do not have previous savings cannot buy flats directly in cash. As you can imagine, there are many points that banks pay attention to when evaluating loans, but these criteria are increasing in housing loans. While taking a consumer loan, you can take a loan directly according to your credit rating, while the title deed of the house is included in the housing loans. For this, we alsoWe will give information about the banks that give credit to the share title deed .


Can I Take a Loan for Shared Title Deed?

Whether it is possible to get a housing loan from banks for a shared title deed has become a matter of curiosity by our citizens. Not only our citizens who will buy a house, but also our citizens who want to sell their house are wondering whether the house they want to sell is suitable for loan. People who do not have a loan or whose loan is not approved apply to the methods of drawing loans by offering additional collateral to the bank.

However, the collateral you will present to the bank must be entirely on you. In other words, the title deed of the house you want to present to the bank, which you will give as a mortgage, should belong to you. In some cases, the title deeds of the properties may also be shares. In other words, the house is not divided by a single person, but by as many equal shares as there are shareholders. When this is the case, our citizens wonder whether the bank will accept the title deed with shares.


Banks can demand a mortgage from you because you can’t take out a loan or because you have any problems in your record. Mortgage requests do not necessarily indicate that the loan will be approved, but the odds are very high. Of course, the current status of the property that you will mortgage is also very important. We have listed below what you need to pay attention to.

Is there a Housing Loan for Shared Title Deed?

When we examine the banks in general, although each of them has different credit evaluation criteria, unfortunately there is no bank that gives credit to the title deeds. This situation, which should not be completely avoided, can be possible if certain conditions are met. In other words, even if your deed is shareholding, you can present it to the bank as collateral. Of course, on certain conditions.

Conditions for withdrawing loans with share title deed;

  1. Status of suretyship : If you want to present a share title deed as collateral for the loan, everyone named on the deed must be a guarantor for the loan applied for.
  2. Dividing the share in the title deed : This situation can also be avoided by passing the deed completely to a person. Or, in addition, the problem can be solved by dividing the land or plot into equal parcels and re-deeding.

If you can fulfill all the above conditions, you can use a loan within the terms of the bank. If the number of shareholders on the deed is high, it can be difficult to vouch for the entire loan.



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