May 25, 2024

I Can’t Take Credit, How Can I Find Cash?

It has become extremely popular to meet cash needs by shopping with promissory notes. By making high-amount electronic shopping from stores such as Evkur and Direction, you can instantly convert them into cash. Of course, in this case, you should not sign under the amounts that you cannot pay monthly in order to avoid problems later.

By purchasing a mobile phone, you can easily meet your cash needs. If we think that mobile phones have advanced up to 10.000 TL today, we can easily meet our cash needs like taking a loan from the same bank. Some of the companies you can shop with are as follows;

  • Evkur,
  • Direction,
  • bill basket,
  • Young people.

I Can’t Take a Loan, What Should I Do?

Loan applications of people who delay or do not pay their debts to banks will not be approved, and applications of people who have not performed any transactions such as credit cards or loans in banks and who do not have any banking history may not be approved. Because banks want to see data about the payment of debts, to have an idea about the person, and they cannot have information about people who do not have a banking background. For all these reasons , in cases where urgent cash is needed , people should determine the reasons why their loan applications are not approved. 

Bank selection is very important in loan applications. Preferring the currently used bank is a factor that increases the likelihood of the application being approved. In particular, loan applications made to banks where salary is received are highly likely to be approved due to the collateral of the salary.

In addition, some banks provide unconditional and unconditional loans. Especially newly established banks that want to increase the number of customers frequently use this method. Loan applications made to these banks are likely to be approved.

Can a Loan Be Taken With Promissory Notes?

The first method that comes to mind of people who say that they cannot get loans from banks is undoubtedly the loan methods with promissory notes. You should be very careful when trying to use these methods, and you should stay away from people who demand prepayment by saying that they will use credit. You can also read our article titled loan with promissory note , in which we discussed this issue in a very comprehensive way .

I Can’t Take a Loan, Which Banks Give Loans?

Even if you can’t get a loan, there are some banks that give loans easily. At the beginning of these are banks that are new or have few customers. By choosing such banks, you can take out loans even if you are not a customer. Of course, while making these transactions, you should pay attention to the criteria we have given above, and you should not apply above your solvency.

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