May 25, 2024

Banks that give loans to the entire car are actually one of the options that can be made available for all banks by using different methods. If you want to buy a car and you do not have a down payment to pay, it is possible to eliminate this situation by taking additional loans. To implement this process, your monthly income must be sufficient for you to withdraw 2 credits at the same time and your credit score must not be low. Although your credit score is very important at this stage, your monthly income is just as important. Before reaching the credit registry stage, banks first try to understand whether you can pay two loans at the same time.


Advertisements circulating on the internet in the type of fully credited vehicles are also vehicles sold under the name of bargain and offered with bank credit. Banks offer a loan application screen to companies by making agreements with galleries. Thanks to this screen, galleries can offer cars with full credit for cars with high insurance value .


Is It Possible to Take a Loan for the Whole Car?

Auto loans are a type of loan protected by law. When you want to buy a car, banks must comply with these criteria when taking loans from banks. People who want to take a loan for the entire car will also receive a negative response when they apply to banks. Because, up to 70% of the vehicle insurance value can be used in vehicle loans.


Banks That Give Loans To The Whole Car

Loans for the entire car are preferred by citizens who do not want to pay a down payment. This service can be obtained from all banks serving in Turkey. All banks already have many loan services under the name of vehicle financing. So you can work with any bank.

As there are many other methods, the most popular of these recently is the method of buying a car with no down payment . This method is used as the most common form of buying a car without a bank and is served by Wowwo, a subsidiary of Yeşil Holding. For more detailed information on the subject, the relevant link can be followed.

Some of the advantageous banks where you can take a loan for the entire car are as follows;


Can We Take Credits From Galleries?

Of course, you can also take out loans from galleries. However, since galleries also provide credit services through banks, all of these rules apply to these businesses as well. Although gallery companies provide loans through their own financing companies, these companies also do not provide services without a down payment.

But in some periods, thanks to the campaigns they make, they can demand a down payment for a very low part of the car. They can even keep the down payment part very low thanks to the discounts they make on the cars. For this, you can be profitable by following the financing campaigns of major automobile brands.


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