May 25, 2024

I Can’t Take Credits From Banks, What Should I Do?

Credit applications of people with low credit scores are generally not approved. There are a few other methods to solve the needs of people who are in urgent need of cash but cannot get a loan. Factoring companies are one of these methods, but these companies do not give individual loans, but to SMEs and tradesmen, and some wholesale and retail traders. Applications made by individuals are generally not accepted.

The promissory note shopping method is another method that can be used in cases where cash is urgently needed . You can shop for promissory notes from stores such as Evkur, Senet Sepet, Gencerler and Yon, and then sell the materials purchased in the shopping and turn them into cash. Especially high-priced products such as phones are products that can be converted into cash faster.

Another method that a person who says I can’t take out a loan, what should I do, can do to meet his cash needs is the loan method with promissory notes, but this method is quite risky. In this method, which is likely to be defrauded, one should be very careful, and people and companies that want prepayment should not be believed in deed credit statements. 

Urgent cash needs can also be met through jewelers. Some jewelers sell gold against promissory notes. You can meet your urgent needs by buying gold from these jewelers and turning it into cash. However, not all of these methods are completely reliable, so extreme caution should be exercised. 

Are There Any Places That Provide Credit Other Than Banks?

Apart from banks, there are some institutions and organizations that provide loans. If your cash needs are not limited to this, you can also use vehicle loans from additional financing companies. If you need a car, you can buy both new and second-hand cars by using institutions such as Koç Finans.

Apart from all these, there are also loan companies that give loans with promissory notes. Although it has become very difficult to reach these people today, you can reach them by constantly searching. Note here: You should approach people who claim to be a lender with extreme caution. You should definitely question whether they are legal and BRSA approved, and you should ask for the necessary documents. If they ask you for a down payment, you should stay away and make a complaint to these people.

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