May 25, 2024

Look how easy we spend.

Well, we got it so far. Most of the time, we can’t save because we can spend easily. So what do we do? I think we have the same action in mind. MAKE OUR EXPENDITURES DIFFICULT.

There are some ways we can complicate our spending. I will talk about these ways, but in fact, none of them will be needed. Just in front of our eyes.

Carrying less cash. Yes, if we carry less cash with us, we kind of complicate our spending.


Closing credit cards. It may seem like a good way, but when we consider the benefits of using cards for both us and our economy, and considering the technology age we live in, it doesn’t make any sense.

Lowering credit card limits. It’s a really good idea, especially if you can’t help yourself with your card spending!


Making a spending plan. It is one of the best ways. For example, you can make a spending plan every month only as you need it, and stick to the plan and keep the rest of your expenses in your bank account for savings .

However, if all this was already applicable, I probably would not have written such an article. Of course, there is someone who does, he is different.

So now is the time to hoard gold.

Although gold is an investment tool, it is possible to use it with different ideas. For example, we can use this investment tool to hold our savings. By making our expenditures difficult, we will both gain savings and make investments. Two birds with one stone!

Whether you buy gold physically from jewelers or open a bank account, you can buy gold in grams in the amount you want. Be sure that you will not be able to easily exchange your gold whenever you want.

Changing gold is psychologically much more difficult than withdrawing money from an ATM or spending on credit cards. I think that no one will wipe out their savings and, moreover, this investment, which they will start small and grow, for simple expenses.

In addition, the last 10-year gold prices chart can give you an idea about the long-term return of gold. On the other hand, if you want to purchase gold through the bank; The advantages of opening a gold account , and another is it advantageous to buy Gram gold? I recommend checking out his articles.

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