May 25, 2024

It is often difficult to admit or admit how small decisions seem to affect and affect our lives today. But small decisions, whether we like it or not, affect our future drastically, even though they may seem inconspicuous today.

One of the most important issues that are made today and that will affect our future is the savings that we have made or that we have not been able to do. Everyone wants to save money, but it must be admitted that no one is putting enough effort into it. In order to make more efforts, maybe it will be enough to just look into the future from where you are and it will move you.

With months and years slipping by, check out a few tips to help you realize that now is the time to save money .

Do the math. In your 20s, it’s hard to think about savings because money is plentiful or relatively less needed. But we can use simple math and the magic of compound interest to see the future. Namely; If you save $5,000 a year starting in your mid-20s, you’ll inevitably become a millionaire by the time you’re 70. On the contrary, as Cahit Sıtkı says in the lines “Thirty Five Ages” , if you start it halfway down the road , you will only have achieved about half of your potential savings.

Remind yourself of your goals. When you are 50 years old, you want to settle in a seaside town in Izmir or maybe you want to travel the world by taking the Scandinavian roads like Nordik Simit . If you can picture now what your future will look like, you can more easily endure the sacrifices you have to make today. Document your goals and future, jot them down and remind yourself daily.

Make an effective plan. If looking at the amount of money in your savings account is still not very important to you today, reveal your salary and make an income-expense analysis. Identify unnecessary expenses in your expenses and send an average of 10% of your income to your savings account, that is, to your future, by ending these expenses. This will be one of the most solid steps for you to start saving. Increase your savings as much as possible and send them to the future!


Think of accumulation like a strict diet. The decision to give up the sugar you consume every day can be extremely difficult, but a slice of cake that you can reward yourself at the end of each week can help you. The main key to both diet and savings is the agreement you will reach with yourself. You will be much more likely to stick to your savings plan if you allow yourself to be pampered later rather than pampered now.

Try playing for money. In recent years, there has been an enjoyable way to save, often recommended by personal finance gurus such as Hamm Trent and Patricia Washington . According to this way, you prepare several money envelopes. You divide the envelopes into various categories such as food and entertainment and put cash in them. When the envelopes are empty, you can no longer spend! It has to be admitted that this is a really effective method of limiting spending for those with spending problems. Worth to try.

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