May 25, 2024

Getting started saving money is difficult for anyone without the habit of saving. Even after you start saving money, everything is not completely over. Finishing the work started and continuing to save until the savings goal is achieved is just as important as starting to save.


In this publication, I will share some ideas on how to stay away from negative thoughts and provide motivation that will prevent you from starting saving and, more importantly, continuing to save until you reach your goal.

World-renowned life coach Maria Nemeth says, “Every night, right before you go to sleep, write down three things you have and are happy to have in your life, the first two of these three things being what you can do with the money you have. Write that down for two weeks,” she says. This method is the best way to honor yourself.

There must be something you can do with your money right now. At least to pay the rent of your house, your bills or anything. There is definitely something you can do with your money and be grateful for. remember. You need a little more money to be able to do more and achieve your financial goals. You will get it by collecting, remember.


Don’t care about negative thinkers.

Don’t let your coworkers, girlfriend, spouse, family members or anyone else stop you from your savings goal. With the money you save, you will achieve your own financial goals and realize your own dreams.

An extremely beautiful car or a new house will be yours. Ignore those who are suffocating you with negative thoughts on your savings goals and just keep saving.


Think of the solution, not the problem

Low income, high expenses, or existing debt can each be one or more of the biggest problems facing your goal of saving money. But each has a solution. As long as you keep thinking about the problems, you will not find the solution. So be aware of the problem and focus only on the solution.

Think of ways to increase your income for low income, learn to save and use savings ideas to avoid big and budget-busting expenses . Finish your current debts , if any .

Stop being negative, thinking negative makes your job harder. Remember what you can do or want to do with your savings and don’t forget them. Focus on solutions, not problems. There are numbers, each one real, achievable and far from imaginary.

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